Frequently asked Questions & Answers

Q: Is Grow Tall Safe and does it have any side effects?

A: The herbs formulated in Grow Tall are bioactive therefore making it safe. The ingredients used are from herbs and plants that are grown naturally. Plants and herbs have been used in medicinal purposes for centuries and will always be at the heart of all formulas in herbal medicines. The Herbal Health Team have invested over 5 years of research into the development of Grow Tall. There is no prescription needed for Grow Tall as it is made with all natural ingredients and therefore 100% safe.

Q: Most of my family members are short, including my parents. Will I still be able to benefit from Grow Tall or would I just be throwing good money away?

A: Family history or genetics do not determine your height. The way you choose to live e.g. your life style, diet all contribute to how your body works. There are growth hormones within your body. The anterior pituitary gland (which regulates height growth, tissue growth, cellular repair, fat loss and muscle growth) secretes polypeptide hormones. This supplementation is the latest advance in height growth. In Growth Hormone (GH), the master hormone, is released by the anterior pituitary gland which is the master gland. Although the lack of GH in the body is not critical or life threatening it does play an important evolutionary role in the height of the human being. The levels of growth hormone do dictate the bone size and height of each human being. In other words to gain height we must stimulate the diet with growth hormones. This is where Grow Tall would help to increase the growth hormones by releasing the necessary amounts of hormones which in turn will help and increase the bone size and increase your height. Your height would not be determined by factors such as current height, skin colour, age or race. These issues are not relevant to the growth of your bones.

Q: I am thinking of taking a course of Grow Tall but am worried as I like to go the gym and do a lot of exercises using weights etc. Would I still be able to continue to do this?

A: Because you do keep fit you may find that Grow Tall will in fact give you better results. It is a fact that people who exercise are much healthier which would therefore make the Grow Tall course work in co-ordination with your body.

Q: Can I take Grow Tall with other supplements?

A: Grow tall contains all natural ingredients and therefore taking other supplements and vitamins will not affect the results given by Grow Tall.

Q: Can smoking and drinking reduce the chances of Grow Tall working?

A: It is a fact that excessive smoking and drinking are very bad for you and although you may take Grow Tall it would be advisable to cut down on the smoking and drinking to enable Grow Tall to work to its full potential.

Q: When taking Grow Tall will I end up with long arms?

A: In a nutshell No. The stimulation you will receive with Grow Tall is natural and will release the growth hormones in proportion to your body.

Q: Do I need to take Grow Tall over a long period to maintain my height?

No you do not. If you reach a height that you are happy with then there is no need for you to continue with the Grow Tall. Your height will not deteriorate should you stop taking Grow Tall.

Q: When can I expect to see some results?

A: It can take from 4 - 6 months for some people to achieve noticeable results but some people have seen a result after just taking a two month course. Obviously not everyone is the same in body structure, weight etc and it may mean taking Grow Tall for longer periods to see the best results. most first time customers buy the 4 or six month course and top up if needed.

Q: Is there a possibility that I could become addicted to Grow Tall?

A: Not at all, the ingredients used in Grow Tall are completely natural and have no addictive side affects whatsoever. They are completely safe.

Q: Is Grow Tall FDA approved?

A: The FDA acknowledges and classifies Grow Tall as a dietary supplement. Grow Tall would come under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) which stipulates that the ingredients contained in Grow Tall are non-drug ingredients. Grow Tall would be classed as a dietary supplement only.

Q: What would happen if I missed taking a pill?

A: If you miss taking a pill, for example one evening, then do not worry – just continue with the dosage you would normally take in the morning. DO NOT take two pills to compensate the fact that you missed one earlier.

Q: What if I am on long term medication or are pregnant?

A: If you are on other medication and are worried then you would be wise to speak with your doctor to ask whether taking supplements would interfere with your medication. If you are pregnant then it would not be advisable to take the supplements until you have spoken with your doctor.

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